Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Little R&R

Our executive staff here @ Sevier Heights just got back yesterday from a planning trip at Ridgecrest! It was so fun being nestled up in the mountains with no where to go & nothing that HAD to be done. Although we worked hard & got alot of planning done, we still had some good R&R time. They gave us our nights off, so each night all us girls looked forward to heading back to our separate rooms to take a bubble bath and then to spend some really good time with the Lord! I forgot what it was like to have NO TV!!! It was a very refresthing its back to work & back to real life! :)

My wonderful boss & his wife (Brother Hollie & Mrs. Paula)

They took us to eat one night @ this adorable restaurant!

Didn't do too well with taking pics of us, but at least you have a few to see!

Friday, January 25, 2008

I Love These Boys!

Last night, Joshua's side of the family had a friend's funeral to attend. Since I really didn't know the lady who passed, I volunteered to babysit my 3 year old nephews. Can I just tell you that I love these boys? We had the best time...we ate, played, watched a movie and then headed to bed. I ended up laying in bed with all of them at some point...and they were holding my hand, playing with my hair, and saying, "I love you Aunt Christy". It truly made my heart MELT. I just can't imagine how it will feel oneday when it's my own child is saying those things to me!! Anyways, we had a great time and I was so proud of them for behaving so well. Thought I would share some pics of our fun night together!!

Maverick & Mason


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Premiere Night @ Sevier Heights!

Ever since I started working @ Sevier Heights Baptist Church (over 1 yr. ago), they've been in the middle of a construction project. Last night was the official premiere night for all the new buildings here...a Children's wing, a Youth Center, and also a new gathering area they call "Main Street". Sevier Heights runs over 3,000 every Sunday and probably has room for 2,000 so it's extremely cramped around here. This extra room is such a blessing because it has more than doubled our space. We are also in the process of adding to the sanctuary, remodeling the office space (this means I have to move somewhere temporarily in a few days!!! NO FUN) so we are still building, but we are thankful that there is a NEED to build because that means God is working in people's lives!! After work I walked around and checked out the new buildings and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! God has truly blessed this church and I couldn't be more excited to be apart of what He is doing here!!!

Premiere Week/Weekend!!

"Main Street"

Children's Area

This is the trunk of the tree--the top of the tree is on the 2nd floor!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Soup to the Soul

Joshua & I had a packed, but wonderful weekend! My dad, who I hadn't seen since our wedding over a year ago (I know...isn't that TERRIBLE??), and his wife Pam came for their 1st visit to Knoxville! It was so fun showing them our life here...we had the most FABULOUS time...and pretty much all we did was eat, talk, and drive around to show them all the Knoxville sites. We did manage to take a trip to Gatlinburg on Saturday afternoon but it was FREEZING and super crowded, so we only stayed for a couple of hours. Seeing that we don't get to see them very often, I TREASURE the moments we do get to spend together and it was truly like soup to my soul. I am so grateful for such an awesome dad who loves me the way he does! Here are some fun pics of our weekend.

Eating @ Calhouns in Galinburg

Dad, Joshua & Pam

SO stinkin COLD!!

Me & my #2 awesome dad!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just a Glimpse

Last night, after American Idol (which was HILARIOUS by the way), Joshua & I poked our heads out the door and it was SNOWING!! I was so excited!! However, I wasn't so excited this morning when I saw that it was all gone. BOO!! I would have been SO happy to have had a snow day today. But that's okay...not having them all the time is what makes them special...right? ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is it January 16th Already?

Sorry for the delay in posting an update! The last few weeks have been so busy and have flown right by. I seriously can't believe its already January 16th! We've had a lot of random things going on lately it seems. Sally (my m-in-law) had surgery on January 3rd and we spent a lot of time @ the hospital and then we've also tried to visit her at home as much as possible too. She's doing great and has had a lot of tender lovin care. :) It also helps to have a lot of people praying for her, so we thank the Lord for her great recovery so far! I mentioned to her that I was going to put her in my blog, but she made me promise not to put any PICS up for awhile. :) Other than that, thing are great. Things @ work have been really busy for both Joshua & I and I've also been trying to get my MK business in full swing again. That in itself has kept me BUSY! But have no fear, we have STILL managed to have a little fun too... :)

A bunch of us took a trip to eat @ Litton's--its a very popular burger joint in Knoxville....YUMO!!

Me speaking @ our Mary Kay meeting

My MK Director buddies--LOVE these girls!!

So, there's just a little update for everyone on what's been going on here in Knox-vegas. There will be more exciting updates to come very dad & Pam are coming to visit THIS weekend & I CAN'T WAIT!!! Joshua & I have some fun things planned for their 1st trip to Knoxville!

Monday, January 7, 2008

My New Years Resolutions

Well, today is January 7th and I'm just now thinking about what I would like to do differenly in my personal life over the next year. So far, here are my New Years Resolutions. Just so you all are responsible for keeping me accountable! ;)

#1--Instead of doing my quiet time @ different times of the day, I want to get up every morning @ 5 AM (YIKES!!!) to have my quiet time. The sound of that scares me, but I think once I'm up and going, I'll be okay. Plus, I love the thought of having my time with the Lord in the quietness of the morning when I don't have any other distractions. Add some coffee to that, and you couldn't start your morning off any better. :) By the way...I just started reading "The Search for Significance"...if you haven't read it, you must get it!!! The author is Robert McGee.

#2--Be a better manager of my money & give more to others in need.

#3--Eat better

I know that these three things are very popular when it comes to New Years Resolutions, but I am constantly feeling that these areas are where my biggest battles in life occur. Makes sense...because it all stems from your relationship with the Lord, how you view $$$$$, and your health/how you take care of the body the Lord has given you. So, please keep me in your prayers as I try to make these resolutions a reality...I want to be GREAT in 2008 (as Donna would say)! ;)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008!

Hope everyone had a great New Years! Joshua and I spent our New Years @ his Uncle Mike & Aunt Sandy's house. It was very low key (which we loved) but a lot of fun. We ate, played games, hung around with the family, and at some point with five kids in the house under 4, we wondered if the New Year would ever get here!! ;) Here are some pics for you to see for yourself!


Eating AGAIN!!

Benj & Heather

Joshua showing Memaw how to play Guesstures--she was hilarious!
All the kids wanted me to take their picture! Here's me & Maverick
Me & Malachi
My adorable husband :)
YAY, its 2008!!!!!!!