Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Can I just say that I LOVE this thing!

Springtime in Knoxville

Wow! I didn't realize the last post I did was the beginning of sorry. I guess time just slipped away from me. Well, now you can GET EXCITED because I will make up for lost time in this post. We are all doing great--Jesse is growing so fast and it's sad to think he's already almost 5 months old! He is such a joy and has completely stolen his mommy's heart. :) Here are some of the fun things that have taken place in our house over the last few months!

March 2009

On Sunday, March 29th, Joshua and I dedicated our sweet little man to the Lord. It was such a blessing to turn Jesse over to Jesus and ask Him to do amazing things in and through his life. Phillip, Joshua's brother, was able to pray the dedication prayer and that made it just that more special for us! It is a day we will treasure forever.

Jesse all decked out in his dedication outfit from Memaw!

Jesse & Uncle Phillip

Lord, we give our baby boy to YOU!

April 2009

Our Easter weekend was a blast! We started out by taking all the Martin kiddos to see the Easter bunny at the mall. I must say...the picture turned out adorable and Jesse sat on his lap like it was nothing. I wasn't sure if he would freak out, but I guess he's still a little young for that. Easter Sunday we had an awesome church service and then we came home and helped Jesse open his Easter basket. Joshua had a ball with that. We spent the rest of the day at Sally & Pappy's house eating way too much and then finished the day with an Easter egg hunt. I so enjoyed experiencing Easter for the first time as a mommy!


I love this picture. :)

Our family after the Easter egg hunt!

April 17th was a BIG day for me, personally. I turned the dreaded 3-0! haha Yep, thats right. I thought it was funny because everyone kept asking me if I was depressed or sad because my twenties were over, and I could honestly say, no way! I think my thirties will be the best years yet and I feel like I have so many wonderful things to look forward to. Anyways, Joshua, our friends & our family made it such a special day for me and having Jesse here to celebrate with us was the icing on the cake!!

May 2009

On May 1st, Jesse and I left town for the weekend for a work conference. The nice thing about this conference is that it just happened to be in my hometown, Va Beach! I think the Lord had it all planned out because my Nan had never met Jesse before, and with her back problems it's so hard for her to travel, so this was a perfect time for her to meet Jesse boy! She was so sweet to watch him for me while I was @ my conference and honestly, I think she would have kept him for good if I would have let her. They bonded!! :) Uncle Brad (my bro) also came to town that weekend from Lynchburg so he could hang out with Jesse and that was such a special treat too! We had a great weekend and it was so refreshing to see some of my family and be "home" for awhile. Oh, and the conference was awesome too!! haha

Jesse & Uncle B

Nan cried when I came to get sad!!

Jesse's 1st plane ride & he did GREAT! Praise God. ;)