Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Jasmine

Most of you know that whenever I married Joshua, I inherited his English bull dog (Jasmine). She is the sweetest dog -- very gentle and obedient -- you couldn't help but love her and I'm not even a dog person! Well, today is a very sad day because Joshua had to have her put down. Jasmine was born with a very serious case of heredity mange (the reason she doesn't have much hair--she looked more like a pop bellied pig) and it had gotten completely out of hand and had made her very sick. She hasn't eaten anything for the last 8 days and the final straw was last night when Joshua went to take her out to potty and she couldn't even stand up. Joshua was heart broken. So, even though he HATED to put her down, he knew that it was time. Please pray for Joshua today--he is very, very sad. We both loved Jasmine, but Joshua and Jasmine were big time buddies. We will certainly miss her!!