Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Time of My Life!

It's been way over a month since I've had the chance to blog and I feel SO out of the loop. Our computer has been out of commission since December and I've been dying to get it fixed so I could share all the wonderful things going on in the Martin family! We're up and running again, so I'm excited!! This may be a long one, so bare with me as I re-cap the last two months of our's certainly been a whirlwind...but SO wonderful. I've had the time of my life!


The whirlwind all began on Monday, December 22, 2008. I woke up early that morning to get a few things done before I had to go to work, and low and behold, I lost "the plug"! haha I immediately got scared/nervous/EXCITED knowing that within 48 hours my sweet little man would be in my arms. I wish you all could have seen Joshua when I told him....he turned white as a sheet and I even caught him talking to himself in the shower. I could not stop laughing. I guess we all handle situations like this differently, but Joshua was hilarious! I had planned to go to work that day, but I started feeling some pressure, so Joshua asked me not to go in just in case my water were to break. He wanted to make sure he was close by in case something were to happen and we work over an hour away from eachother. So, I agreed and waited for him to come home so he could take me to the doctor. I already had an appt scheduled that day for 4:30 PM, so I got my nails done, cleaned, ran some errands, and packed our bags before my appt thinking that tonight might be the night...and sure enough it was! By the time I got to the dr I was having contractions...nothing terrible, but they were 5 minutes apart and beginning to get a bit more intense. Dr. Glover checked me to see how I was progressing and I was already 5 cm....almost 6! He said, "kids we're having us a baby today"! I immediately started to cry and Joshua could have shot through the roof with excitement. We walked across to the other side of the hospital and I was admitted by 5:30 PM and the rest is history. Jesse Lee Martin was born just after midnight on December 23rd, he was 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and 20 inches long. I never understood how you could love something so much until that moment. When I saw Jesse's sweet face I immediately fell in love. All I could say when I saw him was, "HI, HI, HI!!". haha It was such a surreal moment and a moment neither Joshua or I will ever forget. The whole experience--my pregnancy, labor and all--was absolutely wonderful and I am so grateful to the Lord.


2008 was the BEST Christmas EVER! We were discharged from the hospital on Christmas Eve just in time to make a quick pit stop to Target before they closed to get Jesse a Christmas outfit. We were not prepared for a Christmas baby!! :) My brother, Bradley, was in town, so we came home to an excited uncle and then later that night, Joshua and Bradley went to the airport to pick up my mom (Mimi). Mimi was here with us for almost 2 weeks and we had a great time with her! It was so much fun having my brother and mom here for the holidays as we celebrated the birth of Jesus...and of course our baby boy! I still can't believe how much happend in such a short amount of time...and how in the world I didn't fall over from sleep deprevation, I don't know, but we did great and had such a wonderful Christmas & New Year!

Christmas Eve --Uncle Bradley & Jesse

Christmas morning with my man!

Uncle B & Jesse

Mimi & Jesse -- only 2 days old!

Me, Mahala, Mom, & Jesse @ Mammy's house

Malachi giving Jesse kisses!

The triplets didn't leave Bradley's side :)

Getting to Know Jesse

Since the majority of my family & friends don't live close, I thought I would list a few things about Jesse that will help you get to know him a little bit better! :)

1. Most of the time, he only cries when he needs a diaper change or is hungry. He seems to
be pretty laid back!

2. When he gets mad, his hands go WILD

3. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes (so far), & big hands and feet

4. He LOVES his mommy (I can already tell..haha)

5. He has his daddy's middle name (Lee)

6. He is a BIG time grunter...he grunts 24/'s hilarious except for @ 2 AM. ;)

7. He looks alot like Joshua, but has my eyes and nose

8. He was born on 12/23 @ 12:22 (very easy to remember!)

9. He loves his bathtime!

10. He loves it when his mommy sings "Sugar Bear" (a silly song I made up)

Jesse's 1st Pictures
Sally & I took Jesse to get his pictures taken for the 1st time @ 6 weeks. It was hilarious trying to position a newborn for pictures. DEAR LORD! But overall, I thought they turned out really cute and the photographers were amazed at how well he could hold his head up at six weeks! I was so proud. :)

Back to Work!

Having seven weeks off with my baby boy was one of the biggest blessings of my life! It was so nice after some of those long nights to climb back into bed after Joshua had gone to work and snuggle & sleep with my little man. It was such an incredible bonding experience and I'm so grateful for the good quality time we had together during those weeks. The only bad part about maternity leave is when the countdown begins for the day you have to go back to work. Thankfully, I love my job, so I wasn't dreading going back, but I was SO sad at the very thought of having to leave Jesse for 8 whole hours a day...YIKES! I really feel that the Lord prepared my heart the best it could have been prepared, and on Monday, Feb 16th, I headed back to the working world. I have been so blessed because one of my best friends here in Knoxville (we met @ church and she is from VA too!) , Jennifer Jenkins, is watching Jesse for us. That alone was a huge answer to prayer. Jennifer used to be the nanny for the gospel group "The Martins" and she is so wonderful with children! Her and her husband, David, have an adorable little boy named Eli, and he loves Jesse to death. Once Jesse and Eli get a little older, I think they will be good friends just like his mom and I are. :) So, every morning as I drop Jesse off @ Jennifer's house, my heart is at ease knowing that he is with a godly woman who loves him and is taking great care of him!

Here is Jennifer & Jesse @ the hospital on his b-day!

When I got back to work, there were 3 roses on my desk from my friend, Jacque. One for me, Joshua, & Jesse. See why I love my job so much? I work with WONDERFUL people!!

Well, thats a least for now! ;) It's been a wonderful last couple of months and along with being a wife, being a mommy is absolutely the best thing in the world! I am so thankful for my adorable & healthy little boy and I can't imagine our lives without him. God is so good!