Monday, August 25, 2008

God's Protection

Well, I was in my 1st wreck this AM on the way to work. A nice truck driver decided to run me off the road sending me into a guardrail. What a great way to start off a Monday morning! Thankfully, the Lord protected me & the baby from any really could have been bad. I am so thankful to the Lord for HIS PROTECTION!! Here are some pics of the damage....

Thank You!

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to a few people who have showered our little man with gifts of love!!

My sister-in-law, Mandy, bought this adorable UT outfit for the baby. For those of you who know how huge UT sports are in East Tennessee, you know this is a MUST. :) Thanks, Aunt Mandy!

And to one of my best friends from home, Sara...I came home last week to a suprise package from her with some adorable things for our baby. Thank you Sara...I love you!!

His 1st book!

My dad and Pam came to visit this weekend and they were so sweet to bring lots of fun presents for Baby Martin (still no name...sorry!). I didn't get a picture of everything they brought, but all of their additions have been added to his closet. (Notice the new BLUE hangers)

And last but certainly not least, my SWEET mom bought these ADORABLE outfits for the baby!! Thanks mom...I love these and appreciate it so much!! ILY!

Thank you again, everyone! We love you and are so grateful. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's a......

YES!!!! We are having a BOY and honestly, we could not be more thrilled! :) It's been such an EXCITING morning for Joshua and I and we are so thankful that our baby looks perfectly healthy and is doing great! God is sooooooo good. I will write more later to share all the details, but I wanted to post the news really quick so the world could know! And here are a few pictures for you to enjoy as well. I'm one proud and happy mama. ;)


His little feet

Hello, I can't wait to meet you!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What's Your Guess?

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY and I'm SO excited!! Joshua and I will be at the doctor's office @ 8:15 AM for our ultrasound to find out whether we're blessed with a BABY GIRL OR BABY BOY! I thought it would be fun for all my blogger friends to cast your vote down below and then tomorrow I'll be posting the EXCITING news to see how many of you are right!! :) This will be a really fun appointment for us, but it's also a very important appointment as they examine our baby to make sure he/she is growing properly, etc. We would certainly appreciate your prayers...more than anything, we are praying for a healthy baby! Can't wait to share the news!!! Until then...what's your guess???????


Celebration Weekend!

Well...I must say, this weekend was one of the best ones yet here in TN! First off, after being gone for 28 LONG days, Joshua flew home on Friday night! I have never been so happy to see someone in my entire life...and by the look on his face when he saw me @ the airport, I am pretty sure he felt the same way. ;) He had a really good trip and he even won an award @ his school for "Best Leadership", and from what I hear that's a pretty big deal. I'm so proud of him for all of his hard work and SO happy to have him home!

I spent Saturday cleaning up around the house and getting Joshua unpacked. Then Saturday night Joshua and I had a "date night". Joshua grilled some steaks and we had a wonderful dinner together. Then we hopped in the car and he took me to see the movie, Dark Knight...which I really loved...and you KNOW I loved it because we went to the late movie and I didn't fall asleep. That was a HUGE accomplishment for me and Joshua was so proud!! ha

Sunday was another big day for us! Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, my in-laws just celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary. We didn't want to throw them a party without Joshua here, so Mandy and I planned to have a reception for them as soon as Joshua got home. We had a wonderful time celebrating and I know it meant the world to Sally & Pappy. There were some tears shed, a lot of laughter, and many hugs from friends & family, which made their day so special. We ended our weekend with the entire family eating pizza by the pool on a beautiful summer evening!

Happy 25th Anniversary!

Memaw & Pepaw

Aunt Sandy & Mahala

Joshua and his "Mama Dee"

My man is home!!!!!!

Brothers...enough said. :)

Maverick & Owen...look @ those sweet faces!!!

Uncle Joshua playing with the camera. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

25 Random Facts About Me

I had fun reading everyone else's random facts, so I figured I would do it too! :)

1. I'm a FANATIC CLEANER! If things are messy or out of place, I can't concentrate on anything else...which drives me NUTS! Joshua will MAKE me sit down @ night, otherwise, I always find something to do around the house. I have a hard time relaxing.

2. My favorite thing to do on Friday nights is rent a movie, order pizza, and eat icecream. Most people love to hit the town and do something fun, but I could care less if we go ANYWHERE. I love to put on my comfy clothes and veg out after a long week. Saturdays are meant for fun! :)

3. I was born in Lynchburg, VA and moved to Va Beach when I was 2. Lived there until I graduated high school and then moved back to Lynchburg for college...which were some of the best years of my life!

4. I HATE seafood...which is really odd seeing that I was raised by the ocean. I also HATE pork...and for a very stupid reason actually. When I was in elementary school, our class took a trip to the zoo and I saw this fat pig rolling around in the mud. I swore I would never eat pork again...and I haven't....I know, people think it's ridiculous, and I'll admit that it is, but I just can hack it. ha

5. My best friend Courtney and I have known eachother since birth. I don't remember a time in my life without her. Since I only have brothers (they're awesome by the way!!), I love that she's always been like a sister to me.

6. I am a BIG daddy's girl and we've always been very close. I love my mom to death and I have so much fun with her, but if I'm upset or need to talk...I go to my dad. Just hearing his voice makes me feel so much better!

7. Since I was little, I've always wanted a Christmas wedding, and I had my beautiful Christmas wedding on Dec. 2, 2006!

8. Getting my hair cut & highlighted is one of my favorite things to do. It's so relaxing not having anywhere to be other than there...and because my hair is so darn thick, it always feels like I've lost 10 pounds once I leave the salon. I love that feeling.

9. There is no one that can make me laugh harder than my mom. She is absolutely hilarious. She will talk to ANYONE and ANYTHING and everyone who meets her loves her. She doesn't mind embarrassing me...which causes for many funny moments...and when we get to laughing, we usually make a scene. :)

10. I wore braces from 6th grade to 8th grade. The very first night I had them, I swore I was going to get the pliers & take them off because my teeth hurt so bad. And my mom laughed @ me...nice huh? I LOVED getting them off and it just happened to be the same day as our school's homecoming and I was on the 8th grade homecoming court. Talk about a good day!

11. My dad helped my best friend's dad start Atlantic Shores Baptist Church in Va Beach. ASBC will always have a very special place in my heart because that's where my childhood/teenage memories were made & more importantly, thats where I was saved.

12. I'm a people person and I will always try to go out of my way to make sure that people feel special and loved. The bad part about this is that I can sometimes get hurt because I expect people to respond in the same way, and when they don't, I am often disappointed.

13. There is nothing that annoys me more than a snobby person who thinks they are too good for their own britches. ugh!!!

14. I LOVE to be with people, but in order to "recharge" my batteries, I NEED my alone time. If I don't get any alone time for awhile, I can get weepy & grouchy.

15. I love to turn on praise & worship in the car, roll my windows down and sing loud...that makes me so happy!

16. I am a lyric person when it comes to listening to music. I want to listen to the message of the song and don't care so much about the "music". The lyrics are what grip my heart and make me love the song.

17. I played basketball at Atlantic Shores Christian School from 6th grade until 11th grade when I tore my ACL ligament and had to have major reconstructive surgery. Funtimes. To this day, I love basketball and enjoy watching it whenever I can.

18. I'm a horrible decision maker. I tend to ask too many people for their opinions and that usually confuses me even more. I'm working on it though...Joshua is a GREAT decision maker and he's helped me a lot.

19. I hate conflict and I will avoid it at any cost. I think it's because I'm a horrible arguer. When I get mad or upset, I always seem to cry and nothing comes out the way I want it to!!! But again, Joshua has been great to help me talk things out when I get upset. I'm trying. :)

20. I will be 29 years old when I give birth to our 1st baby (January 2009). My mom was 29 when she had me. I can't wait to be a mommy!!! :)

21. I'm not the best in the kitchen....never have been....but I'm getting better! Growing up, my family ate out ALL of the time since our schedules were so crazy with church/school, etc. So, I would much rather go out to eat than cook. But Joshua is big on eating dinner @ home together, and honestly, I'm really beginning to love it. It gives you great quality time together...and I think it will mean a lot to our kids oneday when they're older.

22. My hands are ALWAYS cold and sometimes clammy...I hate it! My poor child. haha

23. I am totally in love with my husband! The Lord gave me such a good man and he makes me so happy. Not to be cheesy...and I know this sounds cheesy...but he completes me in every way.

24. I have lived in Va Beach, VA, Lynchburg, VA, Simi Valley, California, Charlotte, NC, and Knoxville, TN. I think we are staying put in Knoxville, and I'm really happy about that! :)

25. I am a HORRIBLE test taker. I went to college to be a teacher, but I had to change my major to psychology because I couldn't pass the about embarrassing!!!! I took the praxis 3 times and missed it by 1 point each time. The frustrating part is that I would have passed in 48 other states, but because Virgina's scores were so high, my scores just didn't cut it. It became a big joke between me and my dad and I can laugh about it now, but @ the time, it was NOT FUNNY! That dumb test put me behind 2 semesters. Thankfully, the Lord always knows what is best for me, because I couldn't be happier with my job now!

Friday, August 1, 2008

7 Days & Counting....

Nothing new or exciting to post about today, but I did want to mention that ONE week from today, I will see my WONDERFUL husband!!!!!!! Now, that makes for an awesome Friday. :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!